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Galactica Networks

Here at Galactica Networks, we strive to create a friendly, welcoming community for everybody and anybody. A community away from all the fluff and junk of most major gaming networks. We’re here to have fun!
Make new friends, write your own story, and remember, our servers are your oyster!


Our Servers

We are proud to own a CWRP server with a thriving community. Soon we’ll be expanding into new horizons, but for now come join the family!


Clone Wars RP

Garry’s Mod

Our Community

We engage with the community in multiple ways. You find some of them here!


Discord Server

Join our main Discord server, and get in touch with other people from the community! In here you will find normal users, support staff, and more.


Teamspeak Server

All of our spoken communication happens through Teamspeak. Need help with something, or just want to chat with other people? Maybe have a karaoke night? This is where to do it.


Steam Group

Join our steam group and engage with other members of the community! Joining the group also rewards you in game, so take advantage of this.